Grassy pavers provide the strength of pavement with the natural beauty of grass while eliminating soil compaction, reducing reflective heat and allowing for all weather accessibility at a very cost effective price.

Tree Grates

Decorative grate installed around a tree in an urban landscape environment that allows rainwater to pass through to the tree.



Innovative Root Control Fabric Protects Against Root Damage

Biobarrier fits easily into nearly any situation.Biobarrier inhibits

tree, shrub and weed root growth into irrigation systems, sidewalks

and parking lots, green roofs, landscaped areas, foundations, levees

and many more.

Weed Barrier & Landscape Fabric

3 x 300

6 x 300

9 x 300

3.5 oz Superior Landscape Fabric. Retards weed growth by providing a barrier between mulch and soll. Allows water and air to flow through.

Great for landscape drainage applications also.

REVIVE-Water Saving Fertilizer

Revive improves water penetration into soil making more water available to plant roots even in times of restricted water use and drought so you can go longer between watering's and enhance your turf and reduce water consumption. 

Sakrete Rip - Rap Walls

Prepackaged concrete mix ideal for controlling soil erosion and retaining wall applications. Packaged in a biodegradable brown bag or scrim reinforced bag for more demanding application. 

Landscape Edging

Commercial grade steel landscape edging.

​Green/Black/Brown powder coat finish.

Green 6 " Ediging on hand. 



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Natural biodegradeable fabric for erosion and landscape applications.

Landscape Products